International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC)

An Entry Point should be planned in a way that makes it possible for teachers to observe, talk to children and capture each child’s curiosity so that interests can be developed as the IEYC unit of learning progresses.

Capturing Curiosity What do children already know about a theme and what they are curious to learn about? Children’s interests act as a catalyst to support child-initiated enquiry.

Enabling the Environment Planning and developing relevant indoor and outdoor learning spaces to create the positive social and emotional climate required for enquiry and learning to take place.

The Big Picture Providing a context to an IEYC unit of learning so that connections between previous and new learning can be made.

Explore and Express teacher-scaffolded IEYC learning activities and child- initiated exploration are developed through individual and collaborative experiences. Creative opportunities provided to help children demonstrate, share and consider what they have engaged in and learned about.

The Exit Point  is the end of an IEYC unit of learning that helps children react, share and celebrate what they have learned.