Precious Treasures International School has transformed to meet the evolving needs of our school culture, local community and the global community that we are a part of. Our decisions at PTIS focus on the learning needs of the children we serve.

Precious Treasures International School subscribes to a student-centered and learning focused educational philosophy that places students and their learning at the centre of all school activities. A special emphasis is placed on a holistic education that seeks to provide students with balanced intellectual, physical, social, and ethical development that will enable them to become ‘world citizens and lifelong learners in the twenty-first century.’

The pedagogical pillars of our educational philosophy are research, exploration, investigation, creativity, communication, and problem-solving; they define the dominant habits of mind that we work to develop in our students.

Our school plans its strategic development through the following defined guiding statements:

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to instill godliness and integrity while providing a world-class international education that prepares students to be world citizens and lifelong learners in the twenty-first century.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create an environment that facilitates great learning and to develop an international reputation for excellence in education.

Definition of Learning

Learning at Precious Treasures International School empowers students through child-centered, stimulating and exciting experiences to broaden knowledge, skills and understanding. We are focused on learning which incorporates spiritual and social development, fosters internationalism and the need for a meaningful contribution to the global community.


Internationalism at Precious Treasures International School involves people from different nationalities, cultures, traditions and countriesworking together and learning from each other. Additionally, we display internationalism by showing respect for each other, the environment, other living things and by contributing meaningfully to the global community.