Parent and Facilitators Association


  • Precious Treasures International School organizes a Parents-Facilitator Association (PTA) to provide a forum for Learning Facilitators and parents to discuss programmes related to whole school development.
  • The PFA provides a mechanism to ensure proper collaboration and coordination with members of the community, provide an avenue for discussing relevant concerns and provide assistance and support to the school for the promotion of their common interest. Standing committees may be created within the PFA organization to coordinate with community members. Regular forums may be conducted with local government units, civic organizations and other stakeholders to foster unity and cooperation.
  • The PFA shall function as the sole umbrella organization for parent activities within the school. As a result, any group of parents wishing to support the school can only be legitimized as a committee of the PFA and is guided by the guidelines contained thereunder.

Roles/Responsibilities of the PFA Board:

The PFA’s programmes and projects shall be in line with the school’s development plans and should be approved by the Directors and shall serve to accomplish the following goals:

  1. To strengthen communication between home and school
  2. To arrange meetings after consultation with the Principal and the Directors
  3. To arrange lectures/discussions on subjects relevant to raising children
  4. To follow development at the school
  5. To make suggestions and proposals to mediate and take a stand on issues related to the school
  6. To arrange fund-raising activities for the benefit of the school
  7. To work on newsletters and/or any other publication
  8. To assist in diverse ways as the school may request


  • Membership in the PFA is limited to parent-members and facilitator-members determined by the following criteria outlined below:


    Parent members of the PFA shall include parents (or in their absence, the guardian) of duly enrolled students. A guardian is defined as any of the following:

    an individual authorized by the biological parent/s to whom the care and custody of the student has been entrusted oa relative of the student who has care and custody of the child o an individual appointed by the court as the legal guardian of the student o in the case of a child in state care, the individual/representative of the institution who has the care and custody of the student

    Parent involvement is voluntary



    Facilitator-member refers to a classroom or subject Facilitator, or teaching assistant approved by the Directors as a member of the faculty; whether employed full-time or part-time

    Facilitator involvement is voluntary