Criteria for Enrollment

In order to be accepted into the Middle School, students need to attain an academic standard of a minimum average of 75 per cent in the entrance test. The test covers mathematics, language arts and science. Entry into the Middle School is determined by established criteria, which at present include:

  • examination of the student’s academic performance,
  • diagnostic testing and
  • selection interviews.

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic tests are administered in an effort to derive a fulsome learning profile of each student. A Learning Profile refers to a student’s preferred method of learning new information or skills (for example., visually, hands-on, through deductive means) and to environmental factors that influence a student’s learning such as, small group setting, bright lights, or no distractions. In addition to these factors, a student’s profile may be influenced by career interests, personality type, gender and culture.

Learning profiles help us to know the various ways that each of our students makes sense of content. We know that the more we understand our students, the more efficiently we can ensure their learning successes. When we have in-depth understanding for how our students learn, there is a major impact on diagnosing student needs and planning effective supports. As a result, we incorporate a range of assessments in our learning profile. In fact, we have found that multiple intelligences and thinking styles inventories have been effective tools for gathering data about our students.


Selection Interview

An interview is conducted to finalise selection of the students. The students are usually interviewed by a panel of 3-5 persons whose goal is to ascertain whether or not PTIS is the pace for each student to achieve their full potential.

The panel reviews the student’s academic performance in primary school, their diagnostic scores in the academic areas assessed along with the diagnostic profile. During the discussion with each potential student, the panel aims to  ensure that our students are able to share their expectations and to agree on learning outcomes for their time at PTIS.

New Students Orientation

It is an exciting time for the whole family when a daughter or son begins high school. This is not only a transition from one phase of education to the next, but the beginning of a student’s first year away from friends they had during primary school. Our orientation can provide some of that guidance, as well as equipping parents and students with a more accurate mental picture of what new life will be like at PTIS Middle School.


The orientation usually lasts a few hours and is held the week prior to the start of school in September. During the orientation the students are given a formal tour of the school, they meet their teachers, review the curriculum expectations, go through the student handbook and outline their expectations for the next academic year. This is also a time when the students are assigned their form room, locker spaces and as issued any special material they will need for the academic year.