Students attending Precious Treasure International School are required to be in uniform every day of the school year. There are four (4) uniform kits that are required. Everyday Class-wear is comprised of Khaki, long or short pants, and an oxford (button down cotton) white shirt (boys). (Girls) School plaid (76) jumper, skort or skirt and butterfly collared whited oxford shirt. Examples are provided below. Black or brown, closed toe shoes and white socks are standard uniform attire. Girls are permitted to wear hair accessories that included the plaid. As a part of out safety policy students are not permitted to wear hair beads, hoop earrings or necklaces.
Formal School Uniform requires the addition of the school crested blazer and a plaid (76) tie. Blazers are ordered once per year, ordinarily at the start of the school year.

Middle and High School Uniform

Ladies of PTIS

  • White shirt
  • Box pleat skirt
  • White full slip (worn under the uniform)
  • Blue striped tie (sold at school)
  • Brown shoes
  • Brown socks

Gents of PTIS

  • Short sleeved Oxford white shirt (100% cotton)
  • 1 long sleeve white shirt can be purchased to wear on special occasions
  • Dark blue tie (sold at school)
  • Navy Blue pants
  • Black shoes
  • Black socks
  • Black belt

White shirt
The blouse has a breast pocket on the left side and a turndown point collar. The sleeves are to be approximately 2 inches above the elbow.

Box Pleat Skirt
The skirt carries 3 pleats -one box and two others- on each side, both on the front and the back, making a total of 12 pleats. It has one pocket on the right side, must be secured with a zipper and button/hook on the left side and must fall 2 inches below the knee.

Blue Striped Tie
The blue tie is to be fashioned in the Half-Windsor knot. The top button of the blouse is to be buttoned at all times and be covered by the knot of the tie.

Brown socks
Brown socks turned down at the ankles and well-polished brown school shoes are to be worn at all times. The heel of the shoe must not be more than 2 inches. Please note, suede shoes, sneaker-like shoes, (ballet) flats, boot cut shoes, flip-flops and crocs are absolutely NOT permitted. Ankle socks or tennis socks are NOT permitted.

Navy Blue Blazers form a part of the school uniform and is worn on special occasions. This can be purchased from the school.

The Middle School students of PTIS are expected to be attiired in their uniform daily. It is also expected that the students will wear their uniform with pride.

Physical Education (PE) Uniform


  • Gym bag
  • White, black or dark blue sneakers
  • White socks
  • Royal blue tennis skort. 3’ – 4” above the knees
  • White Polo Shirts with school emblem on left breast


  • Gym bag
  • White, black or dark blue sneakers
  • White socks
  • Royal blue shorts (to the knees)
  • White Polo Shirts with school emblem on left breast

Physical Education Uniforms are specially ordered by they school, these should be worn on P.E days. Suitable athletic shoes should also be worn on P.E days. Orders are placed at the beginning of each school term. Payment for the uniforms are due upon ordering. Sport day is a majoy calendar event at PTIS. Colors are worn to represent the house colors.
Students are placed randomly in the houses upon registration, we do our best not to place immediate family members in opposing houses. Sports Day uniforms are ordered at teh beginning of the second term. Payment is due upon order.