Registration and Re-registration

Each child at PTIS is required to be fully registered before attending school for the first time. The registration form must be adequately filled in and submitted with the required documents. Additionally, we encourage each family to complete a re-registration form prior to the beginning of each academic year as an indication that their child will be continuing their education at PTIS. We make this request as without your indication some administrative decisions cannot be made in terms of allocating space and resources for our students.

Upon attendance each academic year, parents are asked to complete a personal information form for their child and submit it to the class teacher. This is to ensure that basic but important information about each child is within the teachers’ reach. Additionally, the teacher will get to learn more about each student who is entrusted in his/ her care.


New student orientation is scheduled for the first Friday prior to the start of the new academic year.  Students are expected to be in full uniform, to bring a healthy snack and their approved backpacks.  Orientation begins promptly at 8:00 am and students can be picked up at 12 noon.